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"Forming Foundation for the Future"

Our mission statement guides the purpose and direction of our school. The mission of Sweet Grass County High School is to:

Our beliefs are:

The philosophy and goals are presented to students and patrons by means of: student handbooks, teacher handbooks, teacher meetings, and student assemblies.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting 6:00 pm

December 1, 2015

Candy Workshop

December 1, 2015

Early Out - 2:15 PIR

December 2, 2015

Intermediate Guitar

December 2, 2015

G&B BB @Columbus 3:00 pm

December 5, 2015

Speech & Debate @Gardiner

December 5, 2015

Recent News

MSU College graduation rates for SGCHS students

November 9, 2015

Montana State University has released data showing the number…

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School Board Meeting

November 5, 2015



November 10, 2015…

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