Mrs. Gardner


I teach the English I, Honors English and Composition classes at SGHS, and I spend the rest of my day as the librarian. I graduated from Montana State University with a degree in English. My minor was in math. After a few years of teaching both English and math, I went back to MSU to complete my Library endorsement. I’ve taught at SGHS since 2001.

Before arriving here, I taught at Rosebud, Shields Valley, Pine Creek and Arrowhead Schools. I’ve also worked in the public library in Livingston. Livingston has been my home for the past twenty-four years. My husband drives to Bozeman to work, and I drive to Big Timber, so Livingston is a good half-way point for us. 

When I’m not working, I like to play the piano and guitar and to read. In the summertime, I love to hike. I always have a big garden, which is why I also have chickens. Besides the eggs they produce, I also get a fair amount of compost from their coop for my garden. I like to travel and decided to become a sponsor of the International Club a few years ago. With International Club, 

I have traveled to Paris, Germany, and Spain. Summer 2016, the International Club is traveling to Spain, France, and Italy. I live with my husband, Roger, and my youngest daughter, Emily. I have an older daughter, Elisabeth, who lives in Butte with her husband and son (my grandson, Bob). She is a registered nurse.

Courses Taught