Substitute Teacher

SGCHS has a great list of substitute teachers to select from, but is always willing to add to the names of those willing to be a substitute teacher.  The process requires a visit to the office, submitting a resume with job and educational experience, and completing a fingerprint background check.  The information for the background check is at the SGCHS office and the district covers the cost of the process.

Substitute Bus Driver

SGCHS is interested in hiring qualified substitute bus drivers.  Requirements include a current CDL with passenger and school bus endorsements, DOT physical exam, and a current First Aid card.  Costs for certification of a driver are reimbursable if the driver has at least ten hours of driving for the district during the school year.  Application forms which require information related to education experience, recent employment history, and personal references are available at the high school office. Assignments may include regular routes or activity trips at a beginning rate of $15.03 an hour.

Part Time janitorial help

Sweet Grass County High School is seeking part time janitorial help to assist with  clean-up of facilities after events such as ball games.  Contact the SGHS office for application information.