SGCHS Receives Gifts From Holman and Curtain

Post Date: Jan 21, 2015

Sweet Grass County High School District has been the recipient of several donations in the last few weeks. SGCHS and BTGS were gifted with a check of $5000 from the estate of Ralph M. Holman. The districts determined the best use of the funds was to place them in the operation and maintenance fund for the Civic Center. As explained to the representatives for the Ralph M. Holman estate, that facility is shared by both districts and the community for a wide variety of activities.

In addition, SGCHS received a $1200 donation from Paula Curtain. The gift was specifically given for the operation of the Civic Center. Paula has continued to give the donation annually for quite some time now. Donations of this type allow the district to plan the continued upgrading and maintenance of the facility.

The generous gifts are greatly appreciated by the students and staff of SGCHS and BTGS as the Civic Center continues to be a vital asset for our districts as well as the community.

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