Graduation Requirements

SGHS Graduation Requirements

Every student must pass a minimum of twenty-three (23) credits to graduate.
English4 credits
Mathematics2 credits
Science2 credits
American History1 credit
Government1 credit
Vocational Education1 credit
Health Enhancement1 credit
(1 class Freshman year; 1 class Sophomore year) 
Financial Literacy1/2 credit
Fine Arts1 credit
Passing Research Paper 
Students are required to carry six subjects in our seven period day. 
One English class will be required each semester.

Montana University System Requirements

English4 credits
Mathematics  (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCalc., AP Calc., AP Stats.3 credits
Lab Science  (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)2 credits
Social Studies3 credits
Foreign Language, Comp. Science, 2 years Visual or Performing Arts, or Vocational & Agriculture Courses 
(1 two year sequence in another subject area) 

Rigorous Core Courses

Montana Honors Scholarship Requirements 
English4 years
Math (Algebra I or higher with a C or better)4 years
Lab Science3 years
Social Studies3 years
Electives3 years
World Language, Computer Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Speech/Debate, Vocational Education