Grade: 11-12, Honors 10

Credit(s): 1/2

Course Description:

Mythology is a semester-long elective English course designed to provide students with an understanding of myth as a way of assessing the world around them and investigating the relationship between myth and culture, society, and literature. In addition, students will become familiar with selections from Edith Hamilton’s text Mythology and study the archetypes of ancient Greece and how/why these archetypes are witnessed in everyday life. Along with studying archetypes, students will also study oral tradition, creation myths of various cultures, the Titans, the Olympians, Heroes (the unit including Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” and his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces), as well as the Trojan War, and Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.

In addition to developing students’ familiarity with various myths, this course is designed to enhance and supplement the research skills and independent critical and analytical literacy skills that students work to develop throughout their English studies at SGHS. Group work, discussions, oral presentations, individual projects, and storytelling skills will be developed. Lastly, students will write various argumentative, informative, and narrative essays; vocabulary and etymology will also be studied.

Prerequisites Classes

No prerequisites class required unless stated in the course description.