Mass Media

Grade: 9-12

Credit(s): 1/2

Course Description:

The goal of Mass Media is to develop students' knowledge of the communication process. They will study the history of communication, media, and the influence of technology and the impact on society and the world today. Students will become involved with a variety of communication skills: elementary presentations, and mock interviews. Forms of media will be reviewed and studied throughout the semester.

Students will learn the process of speech, and the different types of speeches. They will present in assorted ways, (power point/web sites/video) utilizing technical tools, creating diverse types of presentations. Students will analyze the audience and adapting language for the most effective presentation. Effective speaking and listening skills will be discussed and implemented throughout the course. Famous quotes and speeches, past and present, will be reviewed, as students study how speakers have communicated an effective message, influencing history. 

Prerequisites Classes

No prerequisites class required unless stated in the course description.