Financial Literacy

Grade: 11 Required

Credit(s): 1/2

Course Description:

This course gives students a consistent framework for thinking through financial choices in order to improve their well-being. Decisions require action. Instruction focuses on hands-on activities, lecture, group discussion, use of technology, scenarios and other methods. 

A brief overview of the class is: Investing in yourself, Credit cards, Identity Fraud, Spending plans, Debit cards, Insurance, Taxes, Banking, Renting, paychecks and paycheck stubs, Living expenses, Giving to others, Credit scores and Estate planning. 
This class allows students to better understand the challenges of budgets, being independent and cope with financial ups and downs that life will bring.

A career unit is offered through this class in reference to: resume, CIS project, Career Exploration, and Scholarships. 

*Required Junior Year
*Required for Graduation 

Prerequisites Classes

No prerequisites class required unless stated in the course description.