Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship

Grade: 9-12

Credit(s): 1/2

Course Description:

Fashion! This course introduces students to the exciting world of fashionable apparel and the fashion industry.  Students will learn about clothing design and selection, textiles, smart consumer, marketing trends, designers, principles of design and color usage, wardrobe planning and the many careers associated with the fashion world.  Students will develop a background knowledge concerning the evolution of the modern history of costume and fashion in Europe and United States from the 1850 to 1980; viewing authentic samples of clothing, drawing and decipher the “Vintage” reference.  Activities include attending the Billings market, designing a “sustainable” piece of clothing (recycled), window displays, drawings, sewing a fashion design for an 18” doll and completing a fashion portfolio.

Prerequisites Classes

No prerequisites class required unless stated in the course description.