Computer Programming (CSCI 191) (Dual Credit)

Course Description:

This course is offered for dual credit. Any student who would like to earn 3 semester college credits must fill out a form and pay the appropriate fee (approx. $140) to Montana Tech. If students take the course for college credit they will earn a letter grade from the college, but may opt for a pass/fail for their high school transcript. Students who do not opt for college credit will earn a letter grade for their high school transcript.

Course Requirements:

Complete Modules 1-5 and all requirements of CSCI 191

The student will learn the following key concepts:

  • What is programming?
  • Writing code to process data – Assign values to variables, I/O, computation
  • Write code to make decisions – if, if-else, nested conditionals
  • Writing code to loop – Do while, for loops
  • Manipulating arrays
  • Writing algorithms to solve problems
  • Translating the algorithm to code
  • Problem solving
  • Modular programming (methods)

Prerequisites Classes

No prerequisites class required unless stated in the course description.