Grade: 10

Credit(s): 1/2

Course Description:

Composition is a required sophomore English class. Students will learn the writing process by composing a variety of essays. Proper sentence structure and writing formats will also be studied. A comprehensive research paper project will be completed by each student as well as a variety of other types of writing. Short stories will be read to analyze the story elements of a variety of authors.

Composition is the second part of a year-long required English course (unless student took Honors English), usually completed in the sophomore year, designed to provide students with a continuation of the overview of the American literary tradition and to solidify their foundations in the literacy and writing skills necessary to complete the English requirements at SGHS. Students will develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through a variety of projects and class activities. Directed vocabulary and grammar enrichment will support students’ overall literacy development, and students will receive explicit instruction in preparation for the independent research project that is a graduation requirement.

Prerequisites Classes

Honor English I

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Language & Literature

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