Grade: 9-12

Credit(s): 1

Course Description:

*Students must provide own instruments or rent (specialty) instruments from the school. 
*Previous experience and training is necessary.

  • Uniform care and maintenance are required. Annual rental fees paid by the students apply to the dry-cleaning costs.
  • The study and performance of concert band literature is the major goal and emphasis of the year, and participation is mandatory. Concert performances include the Fall Concert, Christmas Concert, Pre-District Festival Concert, District Music Festival, Pops Concert, the Southern Montana Invitational Band Festival, and Graduation Ceremonies. 
  • Performance activities also include marching band at football games and parades, pep band at 18 home volleyball games, boys basketball games, and girls basketball games. As many as nine post-season athletic tournaments are also a possibility. There are many other community performances throughout the year, including rodeo parades, Memorial Day Services, and various holiday activities. 
  • Grading is determined largely by participation, and by graded solos, and periodic testing.
  • Chair seating is determined by audition on assigned literature.
  • Goals are reached through a cooperative team effort in daily rehearsals that is an integral part of the student's evaluation for grading.

Prerequisites Classes

No prerequisites class required unless stated in the course description.