American Government

Course Description:

The primary purpose of the Problems classes is to acquaint students with the philosophies, structures, and processes of federal, state, and local governments. To enhance understanding of how government works, students identify and participate in a variety of governmental activities and simulations. Development of critical reading and thinking skills are required to communicate information and varying points of view successfully.


DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES IN ACTION - This class focuses on the role of the citizen in a democracy, specifically, participation in government, voting, initiatives, referendums, lobbying, PACS, interest groups, state and local government and how a bill becomes law. The course will include a service-learning component.  

BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE - With a brief historical overview of democracy, this course emphasizes the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Constitutional Amendments, including current developments on constitutional issues.


LAW AND JUSTICE - Authority, privacy, responsibility, and justice are the themes that are studied in order to understand the foundations of our government and evaluate the differences between a constitutional democracy and a society that is not free. 

U.S. FOREIGN POLICY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS - Using current issues as a spring board, this class investigates the relationship of the U.S. to other nations, how domestic policies and public opinion affect foreign relations, and how our position in the world affects our government policies.

Prerequisites Classes

No prerequisites class required unless stated in the course description.