Adult Education

OM Chanting

Date: Friday, February 8, 2019 at 6:00pm - 7:00pm


Join members of our community in participating in 45 minutes of continuous OM Chanting. Together let’s be agents of vibrational balance. According to the Vedas, OM Chanting is the Primordial Sound of the Universe. It’s an indescribable sound that reverberates in every cell of the body; it’s an amazingly beautiful frequency that acts as a cleansing agent, making space for positivity, inviting a release of negativity, stubborn blocks and toxicity from the body, mind and beyond.
Bring a water bottle.

   INSTRUCTORS: Janet Zimmerman & Kryn Matlock
   DATE/TIME: Fri.,  Feb. 8        6:00 pm 
   LOCATION: Dallman Hall,  207 W. 4th Ave
   LIMIT: 30
   COST: FREE - free will donations are accepted for the use of the space.   Funds will go to the old high school project.