Adult Education

Handgun Safety and Familiarization

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 1:00pm - 5:00pm

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This adult education class is designed for the novice handgun owner and those who have no knowledge of firearms.  You are encouraged to bring your own handgun and ammunition if you own one.  There will be a limited number of handguns and calibers available. 
1 hour in Classroom:  Topics covered are pistol and ammunition variances, mechanics of the actions and ammunition, safe handling of a handgun and basic sighting and position.

2-3 hours at Range:  Topics covered are safe handling, sighting, position and trigger control.  If time allows, we will also cover weapon cleaning.

This course is not designed to make you an expert shooter, it is designed to increase your awareness and ability to hit your target. 

Plan to bring 150 rounds of ammunition.  If you will be using one of the handguns and ammunition that is provided, there will be an added cost for ammunition used.

   INSTRUCTOR: Deputy Alan Ronneberg
   DATE/TIME: 4 Classes to choose from:
                     Class I:    Sat.   Apr. 7   1-5 pm
                     Class II:   Sat.   May 19   1-5 pm
                     Class III:  Sat.   May 26   1-5 pm
   LOCATION: Courthouse Conference Room
   LIMIT: 10
   COST: $25

    Please indicate which class you want when you register.