Graduation Requirements

SGHS Graduation Requirements

Every student must pass a minimum of twenty-three (23) credits to graduate.

English 4 credits
Mathematics 2 credits
Science 2 credits
American History 1 credit
Government 1 credit
Vocational Education 1 credit
Health Enhancement 1 credit
         (1 class Freshman year; 1 class Sophomore year)  
Financial Literacy 1/2 credit
Fine Arts 1 credit
Passing Research Paper  
Students are required to carry six subjects in our seven period day.  
One English class will be required each semester.  

Montana University System Requirements

English 4 credits
Mathematics  (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCalc., AP Calc., AP Stats. 3 credits
Lab Science  (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 2 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Foreign Language, Comp. Science, 2 years Visual or Performing Arts,  
          or Vocational & Agriculture Courses  
                  (1 two year sequence in another subject area)  

Rigorous Core Courses

        Montana Honors Scholarship Requirements  
English 4 years
Math (Algebra I or higher with a C or better) 4 years
Lab Science

3 years

Social Studies 3 years
Electives 3 years
        World Language, Computer Science, Visual and Performing Arts,  
            Speech/Debate, Vocational Education  


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